Freedom of the Leash

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Dog walking and playing just became easier! Your furry friend can now run and play in open spaces while you are completely hands-free! Perfect for summer beach trips, road trips or workouts, the Leisure Leash allows you to engage in any activity with your companion without the hassle of maneuvering around extra leash material or carrying their leash while unhooked. The Leisure Leash gives you the freedom to enjoy the company of your four-legged best friend all the while, accommodating teaching, training and flexibility. Simply clip the leash to itself and wrap it around your dog’s collar, creating a double collar on their neck. Innovative and simple to use, the Leisure Leash ranges from 22” to 27,” but extensions are available for additional lengths if necessary.

What is Leasure Leash?

The Leisure Leash was designed to accommodate teaching, training, flexibility, economy and convenience. It was designed to accommodate teaching, training, flexibility, economy and convenience.  This product is handmade from start to finish in America.

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The Best Qualities

The Leisure Leash is simple to operate, low cost, has multiple applications, made from top quality nylon weave with a stainless steel clip and manufactured completely in Chino, California. But the best quality of our leash is your dog carries the lead.

leisure leash


  • The Original Hands Free System
  • Use the Short Leash for heeling, training or in high traffic areas. Use the longer for more casual walking.
  • Leash is worn like a collar until needed, simply pull over head. No more misplaced or tangled leads.
  • 1″ Royal Blue Durable yet Soft High Quality Nylon webbing, 3/4 Black Slip Collar (both 22″ in length)

We go to the Dog Park a lot and Leisure Leash is so easy to take along and have there with the dog.  This makes it nice to play with him and not wonder where we hung the leash or laid it down.  It also gives us the control of a leash when needed, and quickly.  Great product, well made and super comfortable for our best friend.