Fun Discoveries on Vacation

Today has been a day of discoveries and “ah hah” moments.  Here they are in no particular order.

1.  Hannah has an amazing attitutude and tenacity when it comes to being tested.  During her private lesson today, both (yes, both) horses decided to test her and see what they could get away with.  She hung in there and showed both (yes, both) horses who was boss.  She learned what riding is all about today.

Hannah lessons at the Double J Ranch

2.  Hannah has no interest whatsoever in knowing about milking cows or bottling milk products.  We ventured out to the local dairy farm, which seemed to be much like Young’s back home, according to the “locals.”  It was a very nice set up with a small gift store, restaurant, and bottomless milk cup for just a dollar.  Despite the quaint atmosphere, we could not handle the smell of the cows, and decided to forgo the tour of the facility.

3.  Going on an adventure with your daughter with only a GPS can be exciting!  After the dairy farm, we decided to turn out onto the main road and just drive to see what we can find.  We ended up at Silver Lake.  Hannah made the comment that this was, “the best vacation ever!”  We ended up at a beautiful lighthouse on Lake Michigan.

4.  I am scared of heights, apparently.  Upon arriving at the lighthouse, we decided that we would climb up all 135 stairs to the top of the lighthouse and check out the view.  At step 30, I started to freak out.  At step 50, I ended up turning around and descending all 50 of the stairs I had just climbed – on my butt!  The height inside the lighthouse coupled with the see through stairs did me in and no railing was going to be sufficient to get me back on solid ground.  That was an adventure that I could soon forget.

Lighthouse at Silver Lake Michigan

5.  When you descend 50 lighthouse stairs on your rear end, you end up being the talk of the volunteers manning the attraction for the rest of the day.  Enough said.

6.  Walking along the beach of Lake Michigan is priceless.  Hannah and I spent a few hours just walking along the beach, drawing in the sand, chasing birds and just hanging out.  It’s been a long time since we’ve done this – just hang out together with no where to be and no plans for the rest of the day.  It was a great time that will be cherished forever!  Even better was when Hannah commented, “Mom, it’s nice to have you with no stress!”

7.  Customer service at the Double J Ranch is above and beyond.  This afternoon we took our next trail ride.  I ended up talking to the stable manager and we were talking about how much Hannah was enjoying everything that had to do with horses at the Double J.  I stressed how Hannah truly enjoye dworking wth Maddie, who has had quite the impact on her this week.  Following our ride, we were met my Stephanie and by Maddie, who have made Hannah a Junior Wrangler for the remainder of our trip.  Hannah was just beaming.  Amazing!

8.  The more you ride horses, you must lose all feeling in your rear end.  We are on day 3 of riding horses.  The first two days, I was sore.  Today I must have lost all feeling because the soreness has subsided.  Hannah was quick to test my theory by smacking me on the rear following our ride.  I must have regained some feeling, because I felt it – oh, yes, I felt it.

Drive to vacation – 7 hours

Week at the Double J horseback riding and all other expenses – about $900

Memories on this trip – PRICELESS!