Fun Picture Books for the Kids

We love books here at Mom-Spot and one of our favorite publishers is Lerner Publishing Group.  Their Fall offerings are amazing and today we want to introduce you to two of their new picture books.


This book really resonated with us as our dog, #OhMarlin came from the pound after being there for 18 months. his nickname is “Stinky Pete.” If it’s stinky, he seems to find it and roll in it. Stinker is a lovable character that you just want to take home and love. Told by a cat, this story has a unique point of view that will endear you to him as well. The illustrations are delightful and humorous in and of themselves. A great book for kids ages 5 – 9.

Stinker is a puppy stuck in the pound. He’s playful and loving and wants more than anything to be adopted. Unfortunately, little Stinker is always making big smells. As family after family return the ever-patient pooch back to the shelter, even he begins to lose hope. That is, until Stinker meets a snarky tomcat who can wriggle his way out of any situation. Together they stage a great escape in order to find just the right home, where Stinker will be loved in spite of his smells.


Another fun book for the 5 – 9 year old age group with lovable characters and great illustrations. Dino-Dancing is a rhyming book that tells the story of a prehistoric dance competition. It reminded me of “Dancing with the Stars”. These dinos do it all from ballet to swing to hiphop. The story is told in rhyme which makes it a great book to read aloud since it’s so fun to listen to. The illustrations are full of color and expression with cartoon dinosaurs.

The Paleo Theater is packed with cheering fans ready for a dance showdown. When the beat drops, can Triceratops win over the judges with his pop and lock? Can Allo’s on-pointe ballet moves dominate the solo category? And will Maia and Stego take home the top prize for their sizzling salsa steps? This prehistoric dance competition will keep you on the edge of your seat!