FunBites Wins Green Scene Mom Award – Meet the Founder

Fun Bites extends congratulations to Bobbie Rhoads, Founder and CEO of FunBites on their recent award, Green Scene Mom.  We had the opportunity to catch up with Bobbie and ask her about FunBites and her family.

MS:  Tell us about your family and the inspiration for FunBites.

FunBites cuts kids’ food into bite-sized fun shapes! So how did this all come about?  My name is Bobbie Rhoads. My husband and I have two girls…Jackie who is now 14 and Dylan who is 10. A few years ago we came up with FunBites. Jackie has always been a great eater. She would eat pretty much whatever you gave her so long as the food was neat and organized. My little one, Dylan, was a different story. She was truly picky nicky – she liked the same food all the time, didn’t like to try new things, unless it was junk food.  At meals we would spend so much time cutting food into small shapes. Wouldn’t it be easier if there was something we could just press down into their food and bippity boppity boo!…food would be made into bite-sized pieces? Maybe our kids would try new foods and eat better; maybe mealtime could be less stressful and more fun. Is that even possible?

My background is in Marketing.  I worked at Revlon for almost 10 years with the most last position as VP of Marketing.  I left Revlon to spend more times with my children when they were little.  It was during that time the girls and I came up with the idea of FunBites. 


MS:  What has been your greatest challenge as a mom-preneur?

My greatest challenge is giving my 150% to both my kids and FunBites.  To manage this I get less sleep and work harder…. Plus I get my kids to chime in!

Green Scene Mom

MS:  You recently received a Green Scene Mom award for one of your products.  Tell us about the product and what it means to win such an award.

FunBites is like my third baby.  It means so much to be recognized by Green Scene Mom.  At FunBites we are all about eating better – and Green Scene Mom recognizes that.  We love Green Scene Mom!

MS:  What’s next for you and Fun Bites?

Next for FunBites is to 1. Get on Shark Tank (this is our 3rd year trying – 3rd times a charm?) 2. Introduce super cute modern fun packaging and expand distribution  3.  Expand our product line  and 4. Tie our new branding into our website.

 MS:  What one piece of parenting advice would you give to new parents?

Everyone says it, but treasure every single moment.  Save things too – even if it seems silly like first pacifier or an extra (clean!) diaper – you won’t believe how little they once were plus when they grow up they wont believe we used those silly looking diapers! LOL

 MS:  What are 5 essential things you think every mom should have to make parenting easier?

1.  Family to help teach you what to do/ not to do/ how to do it

2.  Patience and always remembering life goes by so fast so when things get a little crazy, take a deep breath … silly as it may seem try to treasure the moment because in a second that moment will be gone, and you will someday laugh at how stressed out you were!

3.  Lots of kids books.  Snuggle and read with even your tiny baby in bed.  They will love to hear your voice, as they grow up will start to read the same books to you.  That’s the best.

4.  A bubble bath.  When all else fails.  Take a long bubble bath.  Put the baby in the bouncy seat on the floor next to you.  she’ll love the sound of the water, it may lull her to sleep, and you get a little me time.

5.  And of course!  FunBites!  cut your kids food into bite-sized fun shapes.  Makes your life easier, and your kids will try new things.  Everyone know the more involved kids are with their food the better they will eat.  That’s what’s FunBites is all about!