On the Go with Edushape Travel Brix

edushape travel brixSummer for us means lots of playtime both inside and out, playdates and time spent traveling.  Traveling means time in either the car or a plane with hours of time to keep full with activities so that travel boredom doesn’t set it.  Thanks to Edushape for sending over a Travel Brix kit for us to play with and test.  All opinions in this post are mine.

Edushape Travel Brix are soft and flexible nubby shapes that easily interlock from practically every side and angle.  The possibilities are endless with all of the creations and cool sculptures you can make.  This toy is perfect for kids ages 3 and up.

A few notes about this toy.  First, it comes in a sturdy box with a handle which means it’s just as ready for a trip as you are.  There is a travel board included so your kids can build in the car or in a plane.

Second, this toy encourages creative thinking.  Just imagine all of the things you can build with such a versatile toy.  The set we received had 32 pieces in the set and a sturdy 6″ x 8″ travel board. They also stick together so easily. No matter how high a tower, steep a mountain, staggered a contraption, the projects remain intact.

Third, it’s safe, washable and durable!  We tossed ours in a bag and threw them in the dishwasher after an adventurous playdate in a sand box.

travel_brixFinally, the colors and shapes make this an educational toy as well as one that stimulates creativity.  Have younger kids pick out shapes and colors!

The one “con” of this toy is that you will find yourself wanting more pieces to build bigger creations.

Visit www.edushape.com for more details and make sure to follow them on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/edushape.

What kids of things will your kids build while on an adventure with Travel Brix this summer?