Head to the Spaghetti Warehouse for the 2 for $25 Deal

Spaghetti WarehouseWe headed out to one of our favorite restaurants last night for a family dinner. We love the Spaghetti Warehouse in part for the food and atmosphere and part for the staff!  It’s always friendly, inviting and delicious.

A special note if you happen to be reading this and live in the Dayton area – don’t discount this location because you think parking is going to be hard.  There is a lot across the street with metered on street parking.  After 6 on weekdays parking is free.  We were talking to the GM, Kelly, and he told us that they recently worked out an arrangement with the city schools to use the parking lot behind the building as well – so now there is a lot more parking.

On to the good stuff – dinner!  This menu is amazing and you will go home stuffed and more than likely with a doggie bag.  No matter what you are ordering, you start off with hot bread and their amazing garlic butter.  With the 2 for $25 menu, next comes an appetizer.  We chose the toasted ravioli – and can I say….. DELICIOUS!

After the appetizer, both parties ordering the 2 for $25 choose from a soup or salad. Our personal favorite is their Minestrone Soup. You can also choose the Wedding Soup.


If you aren’t already loosening your pants, it may be time to think about it. The main course comes next and the portions are large. Honestly, my daughter and I usually split an entree and just order an extra bowl of soup to start the meal off.


Last night we had the amazing lasagne and spaghetti & meatballs. There are so many rich layers to this lasagne and it’s one of my favorites. I do have to confess, I am not a cheese lover, and this lasagne fits the bill with just enough cheese to make you happy but not enough to over do it. The spaghetti plate is large and comes with 3 larger than golf ball size meatballs.


After this amazing meal, there was not one ounce of room left for dessert. With that being said, if you do have room, go for the 12 layer chocolate cake and scoop of vanilla ice cream. It just may put you in a sugar coma however, so stay for a while and enjoy some coffee and conversation.