Healthy Legs. Happy Feet.

02_lily-trotters-chorusline_lowrezFor the most part, we all wear socks each and every day.  Some of us like the plain white ones, some like crazy designs and colors.  But, have you thought about what your socks can do for you?  How could a pair of compression socks help you?

Lily Trotters has brought the latest in compression technology to a designer sock.  They offer many styles with super-soft yarns and a durable weave that is both easy to get on and off!  Most compression socks look like compression socks, these don’t – no one will know you are wearing compression socks – that can be your little secret!

These socks are a leg-saver for when you are on your feet for long periods of time, have a longer workout or have a long flight. Show your legs some love with these adorable socks.  I like wearing them on trips for relief on long flights and I also like driving long distances in them.  My restless legs are no longer restless when driving for hours on end or sitting in a plane for hours.

An added bonus of Lily Trotters is that they are specifically sources and made in the USA.  These socks were launched via kickstarter in 2015.  They were fully funded in less than 7 hours, and by the time their campaign was over 4 weeks later, they had sold over 1200 pairs of socks.  Even after their campaign was over, pre-orders continued to flood in – consumers sent a very clear message – they wanted a good looking compression sock!

05_bottom_logo_lowrez“Lily Trotters are a line of stylish and functional socks that will help women live better – whether racing in a marathon or getting through a marathon day,” says Susan CostaWalston, Lily Trotters Founder and Designer. “Most women either don’t know about the myriad of benefits of wearing compression socks like more support, less pain, increased athletic performance, and enhanced muscle recovery, or they simply won’t wear them because of how they look and fit with their shoes. We’re changing all that. After much searching, my team and I found the right mill in America to deliver a revolutionary micro-nylon weave strong enough for your toughest workout, thin enough to rock your favorite shoes, and sassy enough to beautifully go anywhere life takes you.”

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