Help Me Fight Germs in My Everyday Life!!!


Germs are everywhere!  Ok, so this is not new to anyone.  Squix is new however!  Squix is a brand new online destination to help the germ-conscious (at all levels) find everything we need to protect our families and ourselves.  It offers a curated mix of solutions for home, the workplace, school, gym, travel and more.

We have to check them out, so we asked partnered with them to help share their story and their products.  They provided us with a SQUIX pet box to check out and share with you!  If you have a pet in the house, then you know that translates into germs and odors.

So, what exactly was in our SQUIX pet box?

Pet drying cloth

  • e-cloth cleaning & drying towel – the e-cloth pet towel goes to work quickly to remove dirt, mud and bacteria from dogs and cats.  We put one at the door and LOVE it.  We have rain or snow almost daily and this handy towel dries #OhMarlin right up – paws and coat – works quickly.  We are going to order a second one for the car since Marlin accompanies us to the farm almost daily and inevitably finds the puddles to run in.

Bed Deodorizer

  • Omega Paw Solution – (Bed + Sanitizer) Specially formulated to help sanitize your dogs smelly bed by removing odors, germs and bacteria keeping them clean and fresh.  Since #OhMarlin has 2 beds in our house as well as a blanket, this little gem comes in handy on a weekly basis.  His beds and blanket are cleaner and fresher and I am not washing them as often.  Now, the beds and blankets are sprayed weekly and washed at the end of the month.  This solution has provided me with a lot more time and a lot less wash.

Pet Cleaning Mitt

  • e-cloth cleaning Mitt – The pet cleaning mitt gently massages while removing dirt, moisture and germs.  This may or may not surprise you, but this one ended up in the horses grooming kit.  A gem for spot cleaning between bathing and for times when it’s just too cold out to drench the horse in water and bathe him.  Once it warms up, we plan on trying this for an all out bath on our #GustheBus.

Pet Armor Shampoo

  • Pet Armor Shampoo – Antifungal shampoo helps restore your pet’s skin to health.  Meant for your pet’s bath, this one did not end up at the farm for use on the horse.  Due to the type of dog we have and his fur, the veterinarian has told us to only bathe our dog 3 times a year.  When we got this shampoo in our box, it happened to be bath time for #OhMarlin, so we gave it to the groomer to use.  What an amazing job this product does.  Marlin’s coat smelled great and was so soft and shiny.  We also noticed that he wasn’t rubbing himself into the carpet like he normally does following a bath.

Squix has products for all stages and ages of life, as well as great gifts for anyone who wants to make their world a little healthier, happier and safer.  Check them out online at and have fun browsing all the germ-fighting products you never knew existed.