Holiday Gift Guide: Flipbooks

giddy up flip book

Looking for a fun stocking stuffer or creative activity for the kids?  You have to check out Fiptomania.  These flipbooks are enjoyed by young and old alike and they’ve been around for nearly 20 years.  Flipbooks are the original motion pictures, having been around for over 120 years. They don’t require batteries, electricity or any power source other than a thumb, yet they create moving images based on the very same principles as movies and videos seen on IMAX, TV, computer screens, iPhones or virtually any other device you can think of. Flipbooks are small and yet so expressive.

First off, flipbooks are great for party favors and stocking stuffers.  We had a blast checking out the Butterfly Metamorphosis, Sock Monkey, Fairy Magic and T. Rex flipbooks. Our favorite is the sock monkey riding his stick horse.  You see him leap onto his trusty Stick Horse and circle a cactus, and you might even see him wave and wink before he rides into the sunset… Giddy Up!  These really are fun for kids and adults alike!

We plan on putting these on the dinner table for Christmas so everyone can have fun flipping through them and sharing them.  A great conversation starter!


flipbook kitSecond, they now have Flipbook kits.  You can put animation in the hands of your kids without screens or phones. This is a great way to jumpstart kids into creating animation.  There is no glue, staples, scissors or tape necessary.

We had fun putting together our own Robot flipbook.  The kit contains the markers needed to complete the book.  All in all, it kept us busy coloring and assembling for about an hour and a quarter.  This time would depend on how detailed the coloring your kids want to do.  It’s also a nice activity that kids can come and go from – no need to finish all in one sitting.  Each kit contains 3 flipbooks, so you can have this as a fun family activity as well – have each person make a book and then share them. Once you’ve mastered the art with the pre-printed books, you can use the additional blank pages to create your very own flipbook with any topic of your choosing.

The kits come in Robot-Rocket, Animals, Dinosaurs and Bible Tales themes.

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