Holiday Gift Guide: Life Hammer

The countdown for the holidays has begun and here at Mom-Spot we have amazing recommendations for this year’s gift giving.  Each day from now until Christmas Eve, we will be featuring a recommended toy, book, stocking stuffer or special gift for the kids, mom and dad and the other members of the family.  For a complete list, check out our Holiday Gift Guide here.

When we think of gift giving, we normally don’t think of safety devices or items for the car.  This holiday season, we are introducing you to LifeHammer Products and challenge you to think outside the box.  What do you get your parents who seem to have everything, or what about your child that is off to school now and driving home on the occasional weekend.  Wouldn’t you want them to be safe and have the tools at their fingertips they would need in case of an emergency? Think LifeHammer this holiday season!

life hammerSafety Hammer Classic is perfect for anyone who owns or drives a car.  LifeHammer’s Yellow Glow In The Dark Safety Hammer Classic Emergency Auto Escape Tool is a high-quality car escape tool, designed to help prevent automotive entrapment after an accident. Should power locks become disabled or a safety belt jam after an accident, the double-sided steel hammer heads allow the vehicle occupant to shatter side and rear windows, while a safely concealed razor-sharp blade cuts easily through seatbelts. This product includes a mounting bracket (made of tough ABS plastic) for convenient installation, a glow in the dark polypropylene grip and handle, and a florescent pin which glows in the dark for easy retrieval. You can never be too prepared for the unexpected, so protect yourself and your loved ones with LifeHammer, the original “Gift For Life”.

We’ve heard of friends using this to get out of their car during a rollover accident.  They used it to not only shatter the glass window, but to cut themselves free of seat belts that had jammed due to the severity of the accident.

torchlightTorchlight Synergy is an Ultra bright LED. This innovatively designed safety torch features a telescoping lens that when pushed, extends creating a bright lantern that casts light over a broader area. The light can also be switched to red, either solid or blinking, to help flag down help in a roadside emergency. It includes a rubberized strap with a suction cup so that it can be attached or hung from virtually any surface in or around your vehicle.

This really is the ultimate flashlight for your car, truck or trailer.  We are putting one in our horse trailer as well.  There is a telescoping lens that allows you to have targeted light or all over light like a lantern.  There is a backup battery system so you won’t be stranded without light in case of an emergency.  There is also a smart suction strap that helps keep the light close at hand.