Holiday Gift Guide: Magic Sketch

The countdown for the holidays has begun and here at Mom-Spot we have amazing recommendations for this year’s gift giving.  Each day from now until Christmas Eve, we will be featuring a recommended toy, book, stocking stuffer or special gift for the kids, mom and dad and the other members of the family.  For a complete list, check out our Holiday Gift Guide here.

magic sketch

Looking for a great gift for the kid that loves to draw all the time?  Check out the Magic Sketch Boogie Board.  My daughter and I both have Boogie Boards, she uses hers for school and I use mine for work.  This is a whole new ballgame for children. With so many cards including games, math problems, drawing, etc, there are hours of activities.  Kids can also free draw or play games of hangman, dots, tic tac toe – erase and start all over again.  One of our absolute favorites this holiday season!

magic sketch drawing


With Magic Sketch your kids can create all kinds of amazing art and, unlike most tablets, the Magic Sketch is super kid proof!  They can drop it, toss it, even step on it — it won’t break!  It’s completely water resistant, so if they have a spill, just wipe it off and keep going!  With the advanced internal electronics, you can clear the screen with just the push of a button!

Digital tablet with liquid crystal screen that writes just like pen or paper and erases with the touch of a button! See through screen makes it great for tracing! Multi-color screen. 7 year battery life! Durable and water resistant! Official Magic sketch pad AND protective case, 4 syluses, 60 stencils, 1 roller with 3 stamps! Perfect for long car rides or at restaurants! The case and LCD are made from durable plastic materials.

Well made with endless possibilities make this a great gift for younger and older kids alike.