Holiday Gift Guide: Tin Can Robot and Euler’s Disk (STEM)

Tin Can Robot

Tin Can Robot

We had fun building this adorable robot. I can see a child as young as 7 putting it together with some adult supervision. One recommendation, pull out a pie plate or muffin tin to keep small parts accessible in one area so you don’t loose them. You may also want to spray paint your can first. We kept our can as is but friends of ours painted their can for additional personality. Younger kids could take as long as a couple of hours to complete the project while older kids will zip through it in about 30 minutes. Fun to play with and it’s easy to change out the can if needed. Great for encouraging a love of science in kids of all ages. A great project based toy to build with siblings, parents or grandparents to create memories as well as a fun robot.

Challenge your child’s imagination with the 4M Tin Can Robot. Perfect for any young scientist, this fun robotics kit teaches the value of recycling by repurposing a used soda can into a moving, functional robot. The included supplies allow adults and kids to build a motorized monster, silly robot, or any combination of the two. Not only does it foster creativity, it’s an excellent opportunity to show kids how toys are assembled and function.

This kit includes necessary components, accessories, and easy-to-follow instructions. Simply supply one soda can, a Phillips head screwdriver, and one AA battery. Recommended for ages 9 and up.

MSRP: $16.99 | Ages 8+

eulers diskEuler’s Disk
This it simply addicting! It’s a COOL Gadget to have on the desk or on the coffee table. We have fun seeing how long we can get it to spin and who hold’s the record for longevity in our house. You can’t help but watch it spin and the sound, to me is a fun part as well, hearing it ramp up as it spins faster and faster and then comes to a grinding halt. Mess around with it and change the magnets with the different patterns. Play with it in the light and in the dark. Shine a flashlight on it – lots of different things you can do here to create amazing patterns as it spins. We even had fun with the go pro and camera while playing with it. Our next experiment is to play with the laser pointer while it’s spinning! I think the possibilities are endless.

Spinning science into Art! Eulers Disk is a chrome plated steel disk, with one edge carefully machined to a smooth radius. Based on the conservation of potential and kinetic energy, the disk will spin like coin – but seems like it will never stop! Set Includes Disk, a concave mirror base and nine pieces of magnetic holographic foil to create amazing designs. For ages eight and up.