How Can Parents Help Children Dealing With Trauma?

comfort critterFrom hurricanes to bullying to illness, how can parents help children dealing with trauma? Monk Monk is a cuddly caped superhero monkey whose superpower is comforting children who are experiencing trauma, anxiety, and grief. Monk Monk’s version of the superhero tool belt is a heart-shaped pocket of caring messages. He’s part of the new Comfort Critter® Kit, which also includes the book God Made Tears: A Comfort Critter Tale.

Nass, a former HR professional, developed Comfort Critter (a registered not-for-profit) after experiencing severe trauma herself and within her extended family. Huggable Monk Monk is the centerpiece, a way to offer love, support, and concern to a child going through difficult times. The companion book tells the story of a young girl named Gracie whose Comfort Critter, Monk Monk, teaches her that sharing emotion is the path to healing. “God made tears to help wash away the hurt,” Monk Monk tells Gracie. “When you don’t cry the hurt gets bigger and bigger. Even Jesus cried when His friends were sad.”

The Comfort Critter Kit is designed for use with children ages 6 and above who are experiencing times of challenge or change, such as illness, separation and divorce, loss/grief, summer camp—or even happy emotional times such as birthday and graduations. It can also be used with adults who need comfort while coping with illness, aging and dementia, or loss and grief. The kit includes instructions on how to use Comfort Critter in a group setting, such as Sunday School, and individually with a caring adult.

Why We LOVE this kit:

  • Monk Monk is adorable and easy for children to hold and hug
  • All encompassing kit that will help parents comfort their children
  • Addresses a difficult topic for adults and children
  • Invites children and adults to openly discuss difficult topics and to allow feelings to surface and be experienced