How Smart Are Your Ingredients?

chocolate chilp cookisSimple Mills is an amazing company is picky about what goes in to their products…and they are proud of it!  They use only the highest-quality, natural ingredients.  There is nothing artificial in their products.  They recently came out with an amazing new snack line of crunchy cookies with 4 delicious flavors.  Choose from Chocolate Chip, Double Chocolate, Toasted Pecan and Cinnamon.

Special thanks to Simple Mills for sending over their cookies for us to try and also provided us with a great little game to play while we were trying them.  We placed a couple of each flavor of cookie on a plate and them asked our “tasting panel” to try them and tell us what ingredients they thought were in the cookies.   Here are a few of our favorite responses from our “young” panel members.  We decided to use all of the kids on our panel for this fun little game before playing with their parents.

“What are gredients? Are they cookies?” – Amelia, age 3

“I don’t bake, I just eat.  I know there are chocolate chips in here and that’s it.” – Michael, age 5

“Nuts don’t grow on trees! You must have made something up.  Those things you said are fruits, not nuts.” – Courtney, age 6 when asked, “One of the ingredients is a protein-packed nut, but it actually comes from a tree that is closely related to peach, plum, apricot and cherry trees.  Can you guess which nut this is?”

“Smarty sugar… smarty pants…..hahahaah.” – Ryan, age 8 when asked, “There are many different kinds of sugars used to make cookies sweet.  Can you guess what type of sugar we use to “smartly” sweeten our cookies?

While we had a ton of fun listening to the youngsters on our taste panel, we did discuss ingredients with the parents, who were amazed to learn that there were vegetables in the cookies and a “smart” sweetener.  The following ingredients are what set Simple Mills aside from the rest of the cookies on the market.
double chocolate cookies

Almonds – Almond flour is the base for all of the Simple Mills Cookies.  Almonds provide lots of nutrients, such as Fiber, Vitamin E and Manganese.

Coconut – This is used in the cookies in three different ways:  coconut flour, coconut oil and coconut sugar.  Coconut sugar is just the milled sap of palm trees, and is one of the lowest glycemic sweeteners around.

Tiger Nuts –  This is the secret veggie used by Simple Mills.  These small root vegetables were a favorite of our paleo ancestors because of their prebiotic fiber that fuels good gut bacteria.

Flax Seeds – The benefits of flax seeds include the high omega-3s, fiber and antioxidant content.

With all of those great ingredients, how do these healthy cookies taste?  FANTASTIC.  Our panel found them full of flavor.  The kids as well as the adults asked for more and couldn’t wait to pick up their own box to have at home.