In the Woods

in the woods

“Ms. Rowe’s prose is simple, sweet, and full of sparkle that keeps children smiling until the very end… Use this book to open discussions about friendships, helping others, team work, improvising, or simply finding ways to be happy.”
– Picture Book Depot

“Be happy now!” is the upbeat mantra of IN THE WOODS, a magical collection of tales about a group of animal friends who use creativity and kindness to help each other through life’s adventures.

Olly the horse is tired of waiting to turn into a unicorn like his friends. Lionel the lion is terribly embarrassed by his hair loss. And Red the fox won’t come out of her hole because her wedding cake has been stolen. In three interlinked stories, Olly, Lionel, Red, and their friends—penguins, bear, and other denizens of these enchanted woods—work together to find creative and fun solutions to each other’s problems.

Brazilian author and illustrator Thereza Rowe’s stylish, bright-colored, and contemporary illustrations complement these upbeat stories and project liveliness and good cheer that will appeal to young readers and their parents. (Her previous books include Hearts and Mister Pip.) In an advance review, Kirkus Reviews notes “The message is clear: true friendship can overcome any obstacle.”

in the woods interior