Intriguing Stories for Elementary School Children

The  Happy Prince - A Tale by Oscar WildeA beautifully illustrated retelling of Oscar Wilde’s classic story

Originally published by Oscar Wilde in 1888, The Happy Prince is the much- loved story of a gilded statue, a kind- hearted Swallow, and generosity of spirit.

Bound for Egypt, a Swallow takes refuge at the feet of a golden and bejeweled statue of a prince erected in a European city.  Finding that tears stream down the statue’s face as the Happy Prince witnesses the sorrow and suffering of people in the city, the Swallow agrees to bring valuable pieces of the statue to the less fortunate at the request of the prince himself.

Illustrator Maisie Paradise Shearring offers a lively take on this well- known tale, creating each scene in whimsical detail. This fresh perspective appeals to a new generation of children, while imparting an important life lesson at the same time.