Introducing Mindful Kids: First Activity Deck to Reduce Childhood Stress & Anxiety

“We cannot say enough good things about Mindful Kids, an activity deck of gorgeously illustrated cards graced with concise, enjoyable mindfulness activities. . .The brevity and clarity of those activities make them highly engagingandgreatly enhances the likelihood of their becoming part of adailypractice. Though geared towards children, the playfulvisualizations and exercises are powerful, life-changing tools that open pathways to inner strength and peace from which many an adult willbenefit”
— Tillywig Toy & Media Awards

Mindful Kids, the first activity deck of mindfulness exercises that teaches kids the value of prioritizing mental health. Written by award-winning author and mindfulness expert Whitney Stewart, the deck offers playful takes on everything from starting the day with a positive attitude to handling sensitive issues like bullying and peer pressure.
Mindful Kids
In light of recent news surrounding hate crimes, natural disasters and the country’s political rhetoric, Mindful Kids provides exercises, meditations and visualizations that parents and children can use to cope with stressful situations together.

  • Meet the needs of all children: Input from inclusivity specialists Beth Cox and Alex Strick ensures that each activity is easily adaptable for children with a wide range of abilities, and for home or classroom use
  • Build children’s social skills: Group and partner activities help students and siblings resolve conflict, nurture trust and develop social-emotional skills key to academic, professional and personal success.
  • Visualizations empower children and adults to replace negative thoughts with positive, encouraging ones, which builds the healthy confidence needed to thrive throughout life.
  • Find calm when it’s most needed and relieve anxiety or stress at any moment: The 50 cards are divided into 5 categories, designed to fit into each part of the day from morning to bedtime.

About Whitney Stewar
Whitney Stewart puts her heart, mind and feet into her work. She has trekked in a Himalayan snowstorm with Sir Edmund Hillary, climbed to remote Buddhist monasteries in Tibet, interviewed the Dalai Lama in India and sat for days in meditation retreats. She is the author of many travel articles, and of both fiction and nonfiction for children. When she is not writing or traveling, she teaches mindfulness and meditation to children and adults