Is It Really Vacation?

Today has been a full day.  I returned to work following a week long vacation with my daughter.  A thought is lingering in my head as I think about pre-vacation, vacation and post-vacation.

Why do we work so hard to get ready to go and then find ourselves two weeks behind when we get back?  The last time I checked, 1+1=2.  Whey then do we work twice as hard before we leave and again when we come back just so that we can be gone for a week of relaxation?

Sounds more like the math is totally off in this equation.  I’m working double time for two weeks in order to take off one week.  In my book, I shouldn’t take vacation. I’m sure my employer thinks differently.  After all, it’s my employer that just got a two-for-one deal!!  Amazing how that works.

I am getting better though.  I’m trying hard not to work on vacation.  It’s tough…there’s another of those thoughts where the math doesn’t add up.  While I’m at work, I’m wishing and thinking about vacation and when I’m on vacation, I am thinking about everything that has to be done at work when I get back.  Why?

Why are my thoughts where I am not?  I think I need a vacation with no phones, no computer, no internet cafes, no access to the modern technology to truely get away from it all.  Maybe I need a walk about in the Australia outback, or a safari in the depths of Africa to clear my mind and really relax.  It all sounds pretty exciting to me.  The only lingering thought is that double time when I get back and all the laundry.  Eliminate those, and you’ve got the true definition of a vacation in my book.

Where’s your ultimate