Little Passports Science Expeditions

little-passports-science-expeditionsWe have a very strong passion here at Mom-Spot for any and all STEM activities.  My daughter has been in to science from the time she was able to walk.  We’ve done science experiments in the kitchen, basement, outside, at Grandma’s House – you get the idea.  It’s a part of our life!  Imagine how excited we were to find out that Little Passports now has a Science Expeditions series.



What’s inside each monthly package:

  • 16-page comic book with glossary and bonus activities
  • Solve a new mystery each month with Sam & Sofia
  • Hands-on science experiments
  • Achievement badges for each monthly theme
  • Access to bonus online videos and science content

We had the opportunity to take a look at a few of the kits, including the initial box and boy were we impressed!  The materials are high quality and the books are not mere notes for an easy science experiment.  We played with finger prints and spatter studies and extracting DNA all in this one initial kit. There is a lot of quality information in this box!  We have loads of fun and learned quite a bit just from the initial box, which was all about Forensic Science.

Little Passports Science Expeditions

To bring a full science kit into your home, their kits are extremely reasonable.  The Cost: $20.95 + $3 shipping = $23.95 per month with discounts available for 3-, 6-, and 12-month plans.

About Little Passports Science Expeditions from their website:

Every month, your child will receive a kit full of science experiments related to themes like rockets, forensic science, vision, caves and crystals, northern lights and magnetism, hydrology, and so much more! Our subscription packages are designed for kids and contains hands-on science experiments that encourage interdisciplinary thinking — widely thought of as STEM activities — which includes science, technology, engineering and math.