Luna Loves Library Day

The holidays can be particularly hard for children from a divorced family. This beautiful book shows how families and children can mend through something as simple as a trip to the library. A touching story with beautiful illustrations.

Luna Loves Library DayLuna’s parents live apart, but she loves library day; that’s the day she spends with books … and with her dad.  Exploring the shelves, they find magic, mystery and history, but the best is a book that seems to have been written just for them.  

An inspiring story from one of the UK’s greatest up-and-coming poets for children, captured in all its flights of fancy by newcomer Fiona Lumbers.


“This is a touching reflection on the power of reading to bring families together; Fiona Lumbers’ illustrations convey Luna’s vivid inner life, while Coelho’s lyrical style celebrates the joyful curiosity of early childhood.” * Amnesty International * “A lovely book about the power of libraries to stoke the imagination… Never doubt the power of a book, nor the essential importance of a library to the soul of a community” * Early Years Educator * “An affectionate, loving and gentle story that approaches the subject of separated/divorced parents, brilliant accompanied by spot-on heartwarming illustrations, ensuring that, no matter what, children will feel loved.” * INIS * “A truly lovely story… a great read for children whose parents are separated or who are going through a divorce” * Storytime Magazine, Book of the Month * “An inspirational story of dads and daughters, libraries and books with richly textured illustrations and a surprise book within a book” — Fiona Noble * The Bookseller *

About the Author

Joseph Coelho is a performance poet, children’s author, playwright and winner of the Centre for Literacy in Primary Education Poetry Award 2015 for his debut poetry collection Werewolf Club Rules (Frances Lincoln, 2014). Joe has written plays for the Polka Theatre, Soho Theatre and the Unicorn Theatre and creates dynamic poetry theatre pieces for young people that he tours nationally. He also performs with the UK’s top performance poetry organisation, Apples and Snakes, visiting venues across the UK. Joseph has also been a guest poet on Cbeebies’ Rhyme Rocket.

Fiona Lumbers has drawn on anything and everything from an early age and always insisted she would be an artist when she grew up. Fiona moved to London in 2000 to study for an MA in Painting at the Royal College of Art. A combination of her obsession with picture books and the arrival of her first son led her down the path of illustration and she hasn’t looked back since. Nothing makes her happier than splashing watercolours and inks and conjuring up new characters – often influenced by the exploits of her two sons.