Mackenzie Goes Adventuring

mackenzieOverview of the story:

J.L. Baumann’s new book, Mackenzie Goes Adventuring, takes place in the happy town of Snookton.The main character, Mackenzie, decides to take a different path home after school one day. After convincing another friend to adventure with her through the enchanted woods, they soon find out why their teacher told them to “stay on the right path.” From the dangers of the Snarfling Snarfle to the delights of the Snookberry jelly roll at the Snookie Exchange, they encounter a whole new world. But after having met a whole new set of friends and learning the value of paying attention, they still have to find their way home.

What readers will learn about: 

• The importance of paying attention and staying on the right path.

• That an adventure is best understood with a good education.

Why we love this book:

The color illustrations jump off of each page.

Spill and tear resistant, it will captivate your child.

Reminds children they should listen and do what they are told.

Story is fun and full of excitement.

How do I get a copy:

This edition is only available through and other specially appointed retailers. If ordered from, it will come to you signed and dated from the author.

About the Author:

J.L. Baumann is the author of the children’s book Mackenzie Goes Adventuring ( and numerous works for adults, including A Gothic Rendezvous and Sonnets of the Provocative Kind. He is the father of four children, all of whom were home schooled, and has a background in accounting. He is also the founder of Prosperity Financial Services Inc.


Title: Mackenzie Goes Adventuring

Author: J.L. Baumann

Genre: Children’s

ISBN: 9781941880173

Publication Date:  2017

Pages: 89

Price: $23.95

Website link: