Mad Libs The Game

Mad Libs the Game

Looking for a very funny game to play with the entire family?  How about an adult party game that is a bit more “on the edge?”  Look no further than Mad Libs – The Game!

Mad Libs: The Game has been out for a little more than a year, and Looney Labs wanted to celebrate it again in all its ADJECTIVE glory. It’s a great game for NOUNs of all ages to bolster knowledge of the parts of speech while competing to make the silliest sentences possible. But did you know that there’s an ADJECTIVE version that just came out from the Fully Baked Ideas imprint which is just for adults?

It’s true. The adult version is in stores today! It’s not overly rude or anything, but it definitely has a bit more nudge, nudge – wink, wink cards than the regular version. Innuendo is the NOUN of the game! Heck, you could even combine the two (even though the colors are different) into one really ADVERBly ADJECTIVE adult party game!

mad libs

The game is easy to play with just a few simple rules.  Every player is dealt Word Cards, which each feature a key word used as different parts of speech. Players use the Word Cards, along with the Sentence Card in play, to make the most appropriately inappropriate sentences possible! All players vote and the silliest sentence wins the round. The first player to win three rounds wins the game!

Personally, I think this would be a great game for any classroom.  The kids would be learning and playing at the same time while giggling and having a grand time.  We loved it when we played it recently at a graduation party.  The crowd playing kept growing and growing as kids and adults alike joined in on the fun.