How to Make a New Year’s Keepsake

How to Make a New Year’s Keepsake

New Year's Keepsake

 How to Make a New Year’s Resolution Keepsake

Another holiday AND another craft!  Ya’ll know by now how much I love making easy, fun and memorable keepsakes for holidays.  They make for a wonderful mommy & me project plus great to look back on year after year.

Today, we are making a New Year’s Resolution Keepsake.  It is a form of time capsule to make each New Year’s Eve and open up the next year.



 An ornament for each family member from this year’s Christmas tree


A marker that will write on the ornament surface


Small strips of paper


A vase or clear container

Noise makers

Any confetti or noise makers that you used to ring in the New Year



1. Gather supplies


2. Remove any hardware from ornaments so you have a hole


3. Write each family member’s name on an ornament

4.Have each family member write a few resolutions on strips of paper

Insert Papers

5.  Insert each person’s resolutions into their ornament

New Year's Keepsake

6. Place ornaments and any keepsakes into clear container

7. Place on mantel, fridge or another place of honor until next year.

8. Next New Year’s Eve, crack open each ornament and see if the resolutions were kept.

9. Don’t forget to make a scrapbook page with the resolutions and keepsakes

What are YOUR family traditions for New Year’s?

Live, Love & Learn,

Ms. MommyHH6

Ms. MommyHH6