MATHWAY Solves Your Math Problems #STEM

2017-06-14It’s summer and for most kids that means a break from school, but not in our household and not this summer.  My teenage daughter has decided to tackle college calculus.  While I would love to help, that is just outside my wheel house to be able to assist.  She is acing the class and not struggling, but every now and then her homework throws her a curve.  She doesn’t need a tutor, she just needs a little hint now and again.  We’ve enlisted the help of Mathway.

Mathway’s AI provides an alternative to traditional tutoring, allowing students to type (or snap a picture of) their math problems and receive instant solutions.

“Millions of students in the US rely on Mathway to provide homework assistance when they need it most. We are very excited to introduce Mathway to users around the world,” said Jake Kuehner, Mathway’s Co-founder.
Mathway has over 10 million monthly users primarily in the US, and has solved more than 3 billion problems to date using a proprietary artificial intelligence engine. Available in seven languages online at, and as a free download in the App Store (iOS) and Play Store (Android), Mathway solves and graphs problems from a wide range of subjects including Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Trigonometry, Calculus, and Statistics.

“The world is shrinking.” said Frank Balcavage, Mathway’s Co-founder. “As Mathway expands to more and more countries, we are getting closer to our goal of providing quality automated tutoring to any student that needs it.”
Mathway’s long-term goal is to make quality on-demand math assistance accessible to all students. Mathway is an ambitious, long-term creative endeavor that will deliver increasing features and functionality over the years to come.