Meet Charlie from #MasterChefJunior

Charlie from Master Chef JuniorWho or what was your inspiration to start cooking?
My inspiration to start cooking was when on Sunday mornings I would cook pancakes for my family, then things just took off from there.

At what age did you start cooking? What was your initial experience like?
I started cooking when I was 9, but my initial experience was watching MasterChef Junior on TV and thinking, “Man, that looks really fun!”

Why did you want to be on MasterChef Junior?
I wanted to be on MasterChef Junior because it looked like it would be a fun experience, and Gordon and Christina are just so cool!

What did you most enjoy about being on the show?
My favorite part of being on MasterChef Junior was meeting all of these awesome kids, who I actually still see and keep in touch with.

What is it like cooking for Gordon Ramsay? What was the best advice he gave you?
When I was cooking for Gordon and Christina, I was just thinking, “OMG! Gordon Ramsay and Christina Tosi are about to acknowledge my very existence!” The coolest thing they taught me was how to plate, because I have never played a fancy dish.

Were there any catastrophes in the kitchen?

One catastrophe was when the stomach flu swept through the cast! I got it, and I barfed four times in one day! A new record!

What’s your favorite dish to prepare?
My favorite dish to prepare is my Drake Burger, with Cavenders, onions, green peppers, tomato, lettuce and cheese on a yummy pretzel bun, and if you ask me, pretzel buns are the meaning of life.

Where do the ideas for your dishes come from?
My ideas from my dishes come from my mind. I think that I am a very creative person.

What is your plan after the show?
After the show, I really want to travel around America and visit all my friends from the show.

Do you want to someday own your own restaurant and if so, what kind of food would you serve?
I actually don’t want to have a restaurant, but rather a bakery. I feel like you can experiment more with baking and there are more possibilities.

What will you do with the money if you win?
If I win the $100,000, I would probably go see Hamilton. I have a serious addiction.

What chef do you most want to cook with and why?
I would really want to cook with Christina Tosi because she is a very funny and whimsical person, and she’s super nice!

Besides cooking, what other things do you like to do?
Besides cooking, I like to play with my dog, hang out with my friends, build Legos, ride my bike, and listen to music.

Are you excited about watching yourself on TV?
I love to see myself on TV because I like to joke around and say, “Hey, that guy looks familiar!”

Would you ever star in your own cooking show?
If I ever got the opportunity to star in my own cooking show, I would totally take it. I would call it “Cooking with Charlie.”