Meet Sam from #MasterChefJunior

Sam from Master Chef JuniorWho or what was your inspiration to start cooking?
Cooking with my Dad!

At what age did you start cooking? What was your initial experience like?
I think I was about 3. It was really fun because I got to create stuff.

Why did you want to be on MasterChef Junior?
I’m a fan of the show so when I heard about the audition I was excited. I thought it would be fun to express myself on TV.

What did you most enjoy about being on the show?
The community! It was really nice to be with other kids from around the country who also liked to cook.

What is it like cooking for Gordon Ramsay?
It was really cool. He’s one of the best chefs of all time.

What was the best advice he gave you?
Never stop. It’s not about how you start and about whats happening, it’s about how you finish.

Were there any catastrophes in the kitchen?
I got a burn but that’s part of cooking.

What’s your favorite dish to prepare?
I’ve always liked making sauces. Lately I really like making Chinese food.

Where do the ideas for your dishes come from?
Honestly it’s whatever I want to eat! Last night I wanted pudding so I made it.

What is your plan after the show?
I’ll keep cooking of course. I enjoyed being on camera and on the set so I hope to be on more TV shows and in movies.

Do you want to someday own your own restaurant and if so, what kind of food would you serve?
I think that would be very nice. I would probably serve a lot of comfort food and fusion cuisine.

What will you do with the money if you win?
My plan is to give 1/2 to charity to combat hunger. $25,000 to my college fund and $25,000 for fun.

What chef do you most want to cook with and why?
Gordon Ramsay because he’s one of the best chefs of all time. I’ve learned so much from watching him.

Besides cooking, what other things do you like to do?
I play on several teams including Basketball, Flag Football, Soccer, and Swimming. I play pick up Ultimate frisbee whenever I can. I also plan to return to fencing.
My favorite subject in school is social studies. I love eating too.

Are you excited about watching yourself on TV?

Would you ever star in your own cooking show?