Microsaurs: Tiny-Raptor Pack Attack

microsaursWe first introduced you to Microsaurs:  Follow That Tiny-Dactyl when the series premiered with its first book back in February.  Danny and Lin are up for anything – but even they weren’t prepared for a secret laboratory filled with amazing inventions and astonishing discoveries. Who knew that tracking one tiny pterodactyl would open up such a giant world of adventure with the Microsaurs.

Danny and Lin are expert secret keepers. They’re brave, smart, and maybe a little bit crazy. Which, as it turns out, is exactly what you need to be to take care of a rare collection of hungry, curious, extra-tiny dinosaurs.

Danny and Lin are back at it in the next book in this fun series, Microsaurs – Tiny-Raptor Pack Attack.  When Danny and Lin receive a mysterious package filled with toothy, scratchy Microsaurs hungry enough to chew through walls, along with a very large Microsaur egg, even the bravest adventurers might find themselves in over their heads!

The second book in the series continues with punchy illustrations, neat spy gadgets and informative back matter with facts about real-life dinosaurs.  This new book will appeal to not only dinosaur fans but budding young scientists and daredevils as well.

Tiny-Raptor Pack Attack is a high-energy story that will have your kids eagerly turning the pages.  The story is a fun mix of fantasy, science fiction, and realistic fiction.  The illustrations in the book help keep readers engaged and are present on nearly every page.

We enjoyed the second book in the series just as much as the first and cannot wait for the next adventure with Danny and Lin and the Microsaurs.

About the Author

Dustin Hansen, author of Game On! and the Microsaurs series, was raised in rural Utah. After studying art at Snow College, he began working in the video game industry, where he has been following his passions of art and writing for more than twenty years. Dustin can often be found hiking with his family in the same canyons he grew up in, with a sketchbook in his pocket and a well-stocked backpack over his shoulders.