New Storybooks For Children

We love books here at Mom-Spot and are always on the lookout for great new books.  These are fun books that involve water in some sense – maybe bathtime, a story about the ocean – you will sense the theme once you check out the list.  These are new to the market as of this summer. Enjoy storytime with the kids!

Around the World in a BathtubAround the World in a Bathtub

Let the bath-time battle begin! Travel the globe and explore how different cultures take baths in this richly illustrated picture book; a perfect choice for any parent who wants to win the bath time battle.

Millions of children around the world take baths every day  Many of them don’t want to at first…  But once they get into their Australian bogey hole, Columbian mud volcano, or Nepalese hot spring, they don’t want to get out!

From a hammam in Turkey to a maqii on the Alaskan tundra, this colorful picture book shares the bath-time battle that happens every night, around the world. “Yes, yes!” say the grown-ups, “No, no!” say the children, and the chase is on!

Intriguing back matter details bathing rituals around the world. While some baths may look unusual, this book will surely give kids ideas about unique bathtime fun!

The Seashore BookThe Seashore Book

Spend a day by the sea with this summer classic. Enjoy this lovingly redesigned masterpiece that is sure to spark joy and wonder in a new generation of beach lovers.

“What is the seashore like?” A boy, who lives by the mountains and has never seen the sea, asks his mother. Together, the two imagine spending a day at the beach – the feel of the cold water on toes, discovering oyster shells and snails along the beach, the sun’s orange glow at sunset the sound of the bouy chiming, and the waves lulling the boy to sleep.