Oh, Marlin!

In July, we adopted a dog from the Humane Society.  He’s a wonderful dog, for the most part.  He has his days, and we have coined these, “Oh, Marlin!” days.

Oh Marlin!

This week we had another Oh, Marlin! day, and I shared it on Facebook.  It makes for a fun conversation, so I decided to publish it here as well.

Apparently Marlin has an affinity for dirty dishes and seeing how far he can stretch to get that item that alludes him.

My favorite 13 x 9 pyrex baking dish is now in more pieces than when it started. The mixing bowl that was in the sink, was in the middle of the living room floor – clean mind you.  The hamburger buns that were on the counter, in the far back corner had been consumed, but Marlin managed to leave the packaging this time.  Yes, the previous two Oh, Marlin! incidents included him eating the packaging.

My post was as follows:

Baking dish = shattered, package of buns = empty bag middle of kitchen floor (note, he didnt eat the bag this time), mixing bowl from sink = in middle of living room floor…..another oh Marlin story = priceless!

My fabulous friends had the best comments:

“Sounds like seperation anxiety.”

“Good think he’s cute”

“Oh my! Sounds like he needs a friend.”

“Sounds more like he needs a crate when you’re not home….a friend he’s going to train to do inappropriate things just like he does”

“With a friend you just don’t know which one did it.  At least you know they had fun while you were gone.”

“I love Marlin more and more with each priceless story”

“Keep a journal…you may be sitting on a best seller”

I did comment back that Marlin had a crate, but had eaten it.  This resulted in the best comment of the day.

“Eating your crate is a pretty good indicator that you still need a crate”

Know any companies that would like their products tested?  We are thinking of the Marlin Destruction Rating and getting him a job testing products.  One paw means it’s not up to the jaws of Marlin and four paws means he didn’t manage to eat it or destroy it.

There will be many more Oh, Marlin! stories to come, so stay posted.  I’m thinking in a year or two, instead of a “Marley and Me” movie, there will be an “Oh, Marlin” cartoon strip, book or mini series on television.  I’ll keep you posted!