On the Road Again

Our regularly scheduled blog will be taking a vacation this week to Michigan.  Hannah and I are leaving warm and toasty Ohio, and heading to the Double JJ Ranch in New Era, Michigan to be City Slickers for a week.

When asked about vacation this summer, Hannah replied, “Mom, I want to go somewhere with just you and ride horses.” So, the search began.  A dude ranch sounded perfect.  I looked in Kentucky, Tennessee, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania and then stumbled upon a great solution in Michigan.  It’s just a short 6 hour drive, and we will be in another world.

Instead of blogging about the various topics I normally do, I will be sharing photos and posting tidbits from our vacation.  Join us! Ride with us as we take lessons, ride the trails, move cattle, and enjoy a rodeo.  Who knows, we may even venture to the Back 40 and try our skills on the mechanical bull.  When we aren’t on horseback, we will be floating around the 60,000 square foot indoor water park.

If possible, we will also take part in the Pooch Pals program and “adopt” a sled dog for the week.  We’ll be able to spoil him with treats and walk and various other activities, without having to clean up all of the poop in the yard.  Sounds like a vacation to me!

There seems to be a lot to do at the Double JJ Ranch, so much that we may have to come back and experience it in another season.  So, grab your cowboy hat, your boots and your chaps, and come take a ride with us.

PS – We will be riding horses so much, I do have a Boppy pillow packed – it’s my version of having a “donut” for those days that my rear end hurts so bad, I cannot sit down! I am taking bets on how long this takes to happen.  Do I hear Day 1 anyone?