One Litte Dog’s Big Journey

Looking for a tale that will inspire young readers?  Meet Gobi!

In June 2016, Dion Leonard came to the world’s attention when a small, scrappy dog became his unlikely companion throughout the Gobi Desert Run in China. Named Gobi for the desert in which he found her, in treacherous conditions and across raging rivers Gobi kept pace with Dion for 77 of the race’s grueling 155 miles – but the most extraordinary feat of their friendship was yet to come.

At the end of the race, Dion decided to adopt Gobi and bring her home to Scotland. But when Dion left Gobi in someone else’s care while he set to work figuring out logistics for her to come to the UK, she disappeared, setting off a worlwide, against all-odds search that seemed hopeless in a town of more than three million people.

GobiFor readers age 4-8 there is the picture book, Gobi.

Bring home the incredible true story of a friendship so strong that it crosses the globe! Families everywhere will be delighted by the tale of Gobi and Dion—a little lost dog and the ultramarathon runner who saved her. Gobi: A Little Dog with a Big Heart is a fun, engaging picture book perfect for families to enjoy together.

Prepare to fall in love with the heartwarming and true story of Gobi and Dion. Gobi, a scrappy little stray dog, latches onto a man named Dion and keeps pace alongside him for 77 miles of a long 155-mile race across China. Through cold nights and raging rivers, with little food and water, and through a long, hard journey, these two create a bond unlike any other.

Cross the finish line with Gobi and Dion, the little pup who never quit and the ultramarathon runner who loves her. This amazing true story sparked international attention and will continue to inspire readers as they enjoy this fun picture book perfect for children.

Join these two unlikely friends as they form a winning team for both the race and life!

finding gobiFor young readers (age 8-12) handling chapter books, there is Finding Gobi – The True Story of One Little’ Dog’s Big Journey.

Finding Gobi: The True Story of One Little Dog’s Big Journey is the incredible true story of Dion Leonard, an athlete who was befriended by a stray dog while running an ultramarathon through the Gobi Desert. Named for the desert in which he found her, Gobi became Dion’s closest companion for 77 miles of the 155-mile race across China. The scrappy little pup ran mile after mile alongside Dion, through treacherous conditions and across raging rivers. He let her sleep in his tent and share his food, and eventually, his focus shifted from winning to the new found friendship he and Gobi shared.

They crossed the finish line together—not first, but together—and Dion decided to bring Gobi home to Scotland. Just before they were about to leave, however, Gobi disappeared, setting off a worldwide search for the stray. In a town of more than 3 million people, the search seemed hopeless, but this tale of friendship will surprise and delight you as you find out what happens!

Join the almost too-good-to-be-true story of hope, friendship, and beating incredible odds in Finding Gobi: The True Story of One Little Dog’s Big Journey by Dion Leonard.