Organize the Car with Help from Lassig

car-t-wrapIt’s National Organization Month and that means organizing everything from the house to the garage to the car and the calendar.  With most of our readers being parents or grandparents, we felt the need to address organizing the car this month as well as the house.

It really doesn’t matter how short or long the car trip, with kids there is a lot that gets brought along from the diaper bag to a change of clothes and then there is the entertainment factor or toys, books and lets not forget snacks.  A great way to help with the clutter and all of the little things in the car that are there to entertain the child is an organizer that hangs on the back of the seat. Our favorite is the Car Wrap to Go offered by HABAusa.

You can fill this backseat organizer with fun things to keep the kids busy.  There are several pockets and compartments to help hold and secure toys, snacks, books, etc.  The nice thing is that this hangs on the back of the seat in front of the child allowing them to have their own items within arms reach so they can get what they want when they want it.

The organizer is made of a durable polyester and is easy to clean.  You can also easily remove it from the car and take it with you into the hotel without having to unpack everything just to move it so your child can have their toys with them.  HABAusa offers the organizer in four different designs: Starlight olive, Starlight magenta, Shark Ocean and Ocean Magenta.

When the kids get older, this organizer is great to hang in the bathroom for hair ties, brushes and all of the various items needed in that room as well.  My daughter is a teen now and we hang hers in the horse trailer.  It’s great for storage and keeping track of the little items that often get lost in larger storage.