Outdoor Summer Adventures Around Dayton

Friends of our were passing through town recently and they asked for some different things to do with their kids.  In listing off several things for them to consider, it struck me that this would make a great blog post.  Here are a few of our family favorites for outdoor summer adventures around Dayton.


English: Deeds Carillon in Dayton, Ohio.

English: Deeds Carillon in Dayton, Ohio. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Carillon Historical Park:  an interesting mix of park and museum.  The park features over 20 buildings and structures that are affiliated with the history of Dayton.  One of our favorite exhibits here is the Wright Flyer.  Deeds Carillon, with 57 bells, is also located here.  Concerts are played in the park weekends June through August.  Admission is $8 for adults and $5 for children 3 and over.  Check them out at http://www.daytonhistory.org/destinations/carillon-park.htm


Aullwood Audobon Center & Farm:  a great place for a nice walk.  There is a farm where the kids can see pigs, horses, cows, goats and a myriad of other animals.  There is an easy trail that will wind you through forests, near ponds, alongside meadows and through farmland and prairie.  Check out the discovery center where there are activities for the kids in the rooms.  Aullwood also has programs through out the year for adults, families and children.  Admission is $4 for adults and $ for children 2 and over.  For more information, visit them at http://web4.audubon.org/local/sanctuary/aullwood/


The Greene:  Center court is by far the kids favorite.  With benches around the perimeter for parents, kids can run in the interactive fountain.  The Greene has complimentary towel service and sunscreen.  Through out the summer there will be face painters, musicians, jugglers and other various performers that will appeal to the kids.  Visit www.thegreene.com.events.aspx for a listing of events and times.