Dining Out or Eating at Home: Which One Suits You?

Guest blog post by Archie de Lara, The Food Techie The family is the community’s basic unit. Hence, in order to become successful in every facet of our life, our family deserves to be treated with the highest priority. And so, despite our hectic schedules, we must always set aside some time to spend with(…)

Holiday Gift Guide:  Personalized Pottery Ornaments

Holiday Gift Guide: Personalized Pottery Ornaments

Want a gift you can design and create for those special people in your life?  Want something that is personal and unique?  Want a useable keepsake they will treasure forever? You need to gather up the kids and head over to Paintbrush Pottery in Springboro.  You can make all sorts of fantastic gifts for mom,(…)

Who are you going to call when winter strikes?

Guest blog post submitted by Dayton Children’s Medical Center As the winter season approaches, many moms are burdened with concerns regarding their child’s health, but rest assured… the MeadWestvaco Family Resource Center at Dayton Children’s is here to help! The FRC staff is dedicated to assisting and educating families with information regarding children’s health and(…)

WarmZe – Designed for Babies on the Go

WarmZe – Designed for Babies on the Go

Guest blog post by Beth, Product Review Specialist Today’s testing product…Warm Ze, a great idea on how to heat bottles on the go.  The kit comes with 2 warming compresses (think sports disposable ice pack thing that is activated by air and lasts 12 hours) and a cute zebra cover that protects the bottle and(…)

Holiday Gift Guide:  Caboodles

Holiday Gift Guide: Caboodles

No matter the age of the little princess in your home, Caboodles would make a wonderful gift.  My daughter had her very first caboodles case when she was 4 and stored many a Littlest Pet Shop and accessory in the case.  As she grew older, the Caboodle collection increased and stored her play makeup, barbies(…)

Fearless, An Interview with Maimah Karmo – Part II

Fearless, An Interview with Maimah Karmo – Part II

Maimah Karmo is a breast-cancer survivor and the founder of the Tigerlily Foundation, an organization that educates, empowers and advocates for young women affected by breast cancer. The idea was born after her second chemotherapy treatment, and when she appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show to tell her story, Oprah’s advice was emphatic: Maimah must(…)