Family Musings

Welcome to the first of many blog reviews and commentaries about other bloggers, bog posts, etc. As a (newer) blogger, I find it fascinating to learn about new blogs and have several favorites. This year, as part of my blogging, I have decided that each friday, I will post my favorite blogs from the week,(…)

Oh, Marlin!

Oh, Marlin!

In July, we adopted a dog from the Humane Society.  He’s a wonderful dog, for the most part.  He has his days, and we have coined these, “Oh, Marlin!” days. This week we had another Oh, Marlin! day, and I shared it on Facebook.  It makes for a fun conversation, so I decided to publish(…)

Is It Really Vacation?

Today has been a full day.  I returned to work following a week long vacation with my daughter.  A thought is lingering in my head as I think about pre-vacation, vacation and post-vacation. Why do we work so hard to get ready to go and then find ourselves two weeks behind when we get back? (…)

Fun Discoveries on Vacation

Today has been a day of discoveries and “ah hah” moments.  Here they are in no particular order. 1.  Hannah has an amazing attitutude and tenacity when it comes to being tested.  During her private lesson today, both (yes, both) horses decided to test her and see what they could get away with.  She hung(…)