Where Are All My Friends!!!

My four-year old daughter, Nya, has been attending a family home care provider for the past eight weeks, and has met a few new friends this summer.  These new friends come from different backgrounds and sets of values.  One thing that I like most about the family home care provider is that the children have(…)

Perfectly Imperfect Mom

Perfectly Imperfect Mom

The Mom-Spot.com network is pleased to announce that Brenna from Perfectly Imperfect Mom will be guest blogging for us beginning in September for 6 months (and we hope to convince her to stay longer!).  Make sure you check out her amazing blog and her very cute shop, Au Natural Baby,  featuring Baby Legs.  We got(…)

My Husband’s Job Makes Me Sick….Literally!

My husband has worked at the same place for almost 7 years, during which time five of them we’ve spent in a relationship together.  From the very beginning, my husband’s job as a higher education professional was demanding and I saw his ability to cope with the stress and responsibilities as a sign of great(…)

No More Spills? No Way!

No More Spills? No Way!

No spills? No way… By Darci Oliver Jordan, Product Review Specialist A children’s cup that doesn’t leak. A children’s cup that makes spills nearly impossible. Yeah, right. Skeptics, gather round. My kids are notorious mess-makers, and they are especially talented Drink Dumpers. I have cleaned juice off of the carpet, scrubbed chocolate milk out of(…)

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I’ve Hit the Big Time

I’ve made it to the big leagues. I was invited to my first Mommy Blogger event, complete with a nice “swag bag” of goodies. On Monday, May 7th, I attended the Mommy Blogger Luncheon at Dayton Children’s Medical Center.   I am familiar with Dayton Children’s and so it seemed every Mommy Blogger in the(…)