The Perfect Backpack for Travel and School

Do you need to have a laptop with you for school or work? But don’t like normal computer bags or can’t get everything you need in them? Look no further because I have found the greatest backpack for everyone from geek gamers to mobile muggles!

Ecbc has made the Hercules backpack and it is a dream! It has 3 large compartments all with smaller pockets for everything plus the kitchen sink. In the front you have the smallest compartment outfitted to hold pencils, phones, small containers, passports, wallets, etc.Next, you have the main compartment. This has the perfect setup for students and business people, because it’s well-placed pockets maximize its space. With one mess pocket, one front and back pocket, and a whole lot of space in between the possibilities are literally endless. Of course, the backpack is all business in the front and a party in the back. The last compartment is for your computer and has more pockets back there as well. It also has smaller pockets around the outside for easy access to important things or a perfect snack stash.

The computer compartment is really special and will make you party for more than one reason. Of course, it’s super cool because your computer is in it and it has a ton more space. But it is also a type of FastPass if you take Hercules on vacation with you. Put all of your electronics in the back compartment and simply unzip it open when going through TSA checkpoints. You can lay he unzipped bag flat on the belt and send the whole bag through the scanner. It totally eliminates the need to find and unpack your tech when traveling.

Even though this is a heavy duty backpack, it doesn’t feel like it. With padded straps and back you may not even know how much you had gotten into all of those pockets. It also has a chest strap and everything is adjustable.

This backpack is a definite must have for anyone with a computer. It’s perfect for work, travel, and school. The Hercules backpack by ecbc would make a great back to school present for all of your kids going off to college as well. 😉