Plentiful Pantry Soups and Chili

tomato parmesan bisque

With it being National Soup Month, we’ve brought you our favorite soup mixes.  Today, we feature Plentiful Pantry.

Business started for Gourmet Food Group in 1992 when Debbie Chidester and her husband Jody transformed a passion for food into an opportunity to make a living. Debbie had long loved entertaining friends with fabulous meals. As well, she had experience working in restaurants and knew what it took to consistently provide delicious food. When friends asked about her recipes, she explained chopping the garlic and fresh herbs and blending unique spice combinations. Most of her friends wanted to eat like that but didn’t necessarily want to do all the work. Debbie took her own time tested recipes, converted them into a dried easy prepare dishes, and voila! A new business was formed!

What started out as a small operation; cooking, perfecting and packaging at their kitchen table, while selling at trade shows across the country, traveling in their Ford Aerostar Van has grown into an organization with more than 30 employees, selling in all 50 states, and into Canada.

cheddar broccoli soupCheddar Broccoli Soup

The goodness of creamy aged cheddar and fresh crisp broccoli are in perfect harmony within this mix.  This mix is great when you have limited time to make dinner.  Actually, it’s so easy, the kids can make it themselves for lunch or an afternoon snack after playing in the snow.

If you are heading or a party or hosting one, you can also use this mix as a dip in a bread bowl with crunchy french bread cubes or as a sauce over steamed vegetables.

Tomato Parmesan Bisque

This is an enriched classic.  Plentiful Pantry has roasted the tomatoes to make them savory and flavorful while the parmesan adds a richness.  Perfect paired with grilled cheese.  Looking for another twist, toss in some Tortellini.

chili fixinsChili Fixins

While it’s National Soup Month, we cannot pass up sharing Plentiful Pantry’s Chili Fixins.  This chili has a smoky taste.  You can make it in true Texas style by adding just meat and onions or go whole hog and add beans.  Pair this with corn bread for a tasty delight for lunch or dinner.  Bring it to your next potluck or enter your local chili cookoff. It’s guaranteed to be a hit.