Positive Activities That Help Bring Your Self-Confidence Back

Not too long ago, we talked about what to do when faced with depression. Depression is a problem faced by as many as 19 million Americans. Fortunately, it is a problem that we understand more these days, which means there are more treatments and solutions to consider when you suffer from depression.

Keeping yourself busy, engaging in positive activities, and slowly building your self-confidence can be an effective series of steps to fight depression. If you are curious enough to get started, here are some of the activities you can try.


You can help yourself by helping others. A lot of people suffering from depression regained their self-confidence by helping others. There is that joy you get from helping others that you just can’t get elsewhere.

Veterans returning from service, particularly those suffering from PTSD and severe depression, often find solace in volunteer work. There is no shortage of programs to choose from either, from helping children in need to volunteering in local communities and participating in events and other activities.

Helping others and doing volunteer work will also keep you busy in a positive way. You can redirect your energy towards doing good and you will have less time to dwell on the negative thoughts. Keep in mind that the early stages of keeping busy can still be very difficult.

Go Back to School

Another great thing you can do to bring your self-confidence back is going back to school. Thanks to programs such as the online public relations program from Washington State University, you can now pursue a degree of your choice without leaving the comfort of your home.

Online courses allow you to earn an accredited bachelor’s or master’s degree without having to commit to being a full-time student. You can pursue a degree while working a full-time job or volunteering as well.

The degree is a great achievement to pursue. The public relations program we mentioned earlier allows you to earn an online masters in public relations at the end of the course. You can further use the degree to build an entirely new career or push your existing career forward. All of these things will boost your self-confidence.

Write Letters of Gratitude

While the previous two activities are slightly more complicated, this next one is something you can do after reading this article. Writing letters of gratitude is a great way to find reasons to be grateful about your life. At the end of the day – or at the end of the week – simply spend some time to list all of the things you are grateful for.

It may be a simple routine, but it is a routine that works for many people with depression. The more you feel grateful, the more positive energy you will have, and the better you will feel in the end. You’ll start appreciating the little things more and you will find more things to be grateful for the more you get into this routine. As you grow your self-confidence, there will be no more room for depression.