Rehydrate This Summer With DripDrop

DripDrop Oral Rehydration SolutionsMy daughter is an equestrian and that means that we spend January – October on the road at horse shows.  It also means keeping her hydrated year round while she is competing.  While this is a bit easier in the winter and spring, it is not to be overlooked.  The summers can be particularly brutal when you are doing a cross-country course in 90 degree heat.  The minute she is done, we are pulling her from the horse and getting her in the shade and cooled down, buckets of cold water are being sponged on the horse. Hydration for them both is the top priority so that we don’t end up in the ER.

Sports drinks are great, but they contain so much sugar.  My daughter prefers water, but there just aren’t enough electrolytes in them to help her body recover quickly from the heat.  We’ve got a new staple in the tack box and recovery plan, DripDrop.  This is a flavorful powder stick that when mixed with water acts like a liquid IV!  This Oral Rehydration Solution is a professional grade that has 3x the electrolytes & 1/2 the sugar of sports drinks. It’s proven to be 34 percent more effective than water in rehydrating the body.  They come in individual packets in lemon and berry flavors, perfect for on-the-go families with athletes.  Each box contains 4 powder sticks which each make a 16 oz bottle.  Such an easy and convenient product to use and so much healthier than a sports drink.

80A94E3D-6937-47AB-8B9F-9EA8E435BEEEWe took this with us to a three-day event over Memorial Day Weekend and what a difference these packets made.  My daughter slept better, felt better and recovered better.  She certainly noticed a difference by adding this powder to her water!  We are definitely stocking up on this gem and adding it to the tack box and our recovery plan for not only the entire summer but for all year.

Interested in trying it out for yourself?  Comment below on the physical activities you are planning on participating in for the summer.  Winner will be drawn June 15th and will win 2 boxes of product from DripDrop.