Remove Tea Stains From Your Teeth

luster pro lightI am a serial tea drinker. There I admit it. I love it unsweetened and drink about a gallon a day. For me, it replaces water and soft drinks. The only problem is the staining of my teeth. I’ve tried so many “remedies” for this issue that quite honestly, I finally just wrote it off as something I needed to live with. Not any longer thanks to Luster’s Power White Deep Stain Eraser® Fluoride Toothpaste. This actually worked on my teeth – brightened then and removed the stains!!!

Not only do I use this toothpaste every day, I also follow these tips for preventing the formation of stains on my teeth as much as I can:

  • Rinse your mouth with water right after drinking your morning latte or chai so the pigments don’t sit on your teeth for hours. Did you know that tea in particular contains tannic acid that makes tooth enamel more porous and thus prone to staining? (Better yet, brush your teeth immediately.)
  • Use a straw – it’s a simple way to drink your coffee without it getting on your teeth
  • And to eliminate stains that are already present: change your daily toothpaste to a whitening formula that contains fluoride. That way, you’ll remove stains while still getting the oral care benefits of a traditional dentifrice.

I (now) personally use Luster’s Power White Deep Stain Eraser® Fluoride Toothpaste, a two-in-one whitening toothpaste that cleans and freshens breath with zero tooth sensitivity. It removes up to 95% of surface stains in only 5 days for a 2X whiter, brighter smile than the leading brand. The enamel-safe, sulfate free formula is the only toothpaste on the market containing 2% stabilized peroxide.

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