The Sir Pigglesworth Adventure Continues

Sir Pigglesworth's Adventures in New York CityLast week we introduced you to Sir Pigglesworth and his first adventure in London and his second adventure in Vancouver. This week we bring you the next two books in the series.

Sir Pigglesworth’s Adventures in New York City

The City That Never Sleeps is in for a Rude Awakening!

The lovable master of mischief and mayhem takes on the Big Apple in this latest chapter of his adventure series. Our rambunctious hero doesn’t fail to entertain us and teach us valuable life lessions as he takes us on an educational tour of New York City that will make you laugh and cry.

When we left Sir Pigglesworth, he was in Vancouver, BC, Canada with his friend, JoAnn, trying to find his mom and dad. But when he finally had them in his sight, he was unable to catch up with them in time. They were already on their way to another city.

But all was not lost! Our hoofed hero never gave up and finally found a clue that had him and JoAnn following the trail of the royal parents to New York City.

Will he find them there?

Sir Pigglesworth's Adventures in Pigonia

Sir Pigglesworth’s Adventures in Pigonia

Learn how the royal scamp, Sir Pigglesworth, was thrust into the spotlight. The Queen only knights someone who has performed an act of bravery. What did Sir Pigglesworth do to earn that honor? Why did Queen Alexandra commission Sir Pigglesworth to be her emissary to the world? Why does he always wear goggles and a white scarf? What is his ancestry…where does his family come from?

You will learn all the answers in Sir Pigglesworth’s Adventures in Pigonia. The story begins long, long ago…in 1802 when his great-great-great-great grandfather, the Grand Duke of Pigglesworth, was sent by the King to Pigonia, an island 3000 miles from London. After establishing a thriving colony on Pigonia, the Grand Duke left to move to New York.

All of the pigs on Pigonia lived peacefully for the next 200 years…this is where our story really begins. Children will be delighted by this story that has pirates, mud monsters, turtle hopping on the beach and many more exciting adventures! They will especially love the colorful full-page illustrations in the book.