Sir Pigglesworth in Bermuda, Cozumel and San Juan

Sir Pigglesworth's Adventures in BermudaWe introduced Sir Pigglesworth to you initially on February 16th and then continued the story on the 23rd.  We are back for our third and final installment sharing this fun book series with you.  Fear not, even though we are presenting through book 7 to you, we hear there is a book 8 in the works.

Sir Pigglesworth’s Adventures in Bermuda

The little lord of laughter does it again! Join Sir Pigglesworth on a sea cruise you’ll never forget and a tour of Bermuda that will provide both a learning and a laughing experience for you and your little ones.

The fun begins when the high-spirited British royal meets up with his best friends, JoAnn and Bill, for the ride of a lifetime on a big luxury cruise ship. From tearing up the dance floor in a show-stopping impromptu performance on the ship s stage to a swim with the sharks and a visit to the Gibbs Hill Lighthouse, every page offers a new adventure filled with excitement, mischief, and intellectual enlightenment for thirsty young minds.

The amazing full-color illustrations and life lessons along the way really bring the story to life in a remarkable and heartfelt way.

Sir Pigglesworth's Adventures in Cozumel

Sir Piggleworth’s Adventures in Cozumel

Join our hoofed hero and his friends as they travel to Cozumel. There Sir Pigglesworth learns about the local folklore, explores ancient ruins and flirts with pretty senoritas!!

The lovable master of mischief and mayhem takes a cruise with Princess Serena to help his friend JoAnn celebrate her birthday. The young piglet remembers how much fun he had on the last cruise he took to Bermuda with his friends and he can’t wait to experience sailing on the Carnival Breeze…after all, it is the FUN ship!!

As soon as he steps on board and is welcomed by Captain Alcaras, he is ready to party. Because of his antics, it isn’t long before every passenger knows the name Sir Pigglesworth…not always in a good way! And that’s only on the ship. Come join our energetic rascal as he races around Cozumel with his friends trying to fit in as much fun as he can in a short time!

Sir Piggleworth's Adventures in San Juan PR

Sir Pigglesworth’s Adventures in San Juan PR

Come join Sir Pigglesworth, his mom, dad and his good friends, JoAnn and Bill, as they tour this tropical island paradise, from getting bombarded with coconuts by monkeys in the El Yunque rainforest to engaging in a pretend battle at Fort Morro to chasing iguanas.

Sir has been invited to be the 2016 commencement speaker at a prominent San Juan university. While there, our frisky piglet gets into his usual mischief and takes you along for the ride!

Follow the gang as they tour the island with our boisterous hero, charming the local residents and creating havoc wherever he goes all the while learning historical facts about the island.