So You Have a Snow Day…


We have been lucky to have a few snow days already this winter. Although I adore not having to get up super early and permanently being in jammies all day, my kids can go from happy to bored in no time flat. My daughter, like her mother, would be content to sit, read, and play with her toys quietly all day. My son however, prefers torturing his sister and discovering what is left in the house he has not tried to destroy. Can you relate?

 Enter the boredom busters! Every mom needs to have a standby arsenal of ideas to combat any expected or unexpected days at home. 

 If you have a snow day then naturally there is the obvious lets play in the snow. I highly recommend saving that one for right before naptime, after all you want them to pass out so you can have some alone time.  Read a book (yes it is still possible!), take a nap, or spend some time with your favorite shows on the dvr, you deserve it!

 What else can we do to keep the sanity and the peace on a snow day? Or what about those of you who live where snow is only something you see on TV?

 No worries, I have you covered. Here are my top 5 ways to keep myself and my kids from getting cabin fever.

 Stretch out your acting muscles with Emotional Animals Boxes. Wrap 2 boxes or even dice with colorful paper. For the first box, write the names of different animals on each side. On the other box, write different emotions. Take turns rolling them and pretending to be the emotional animal. Not only will it keep them entertained but this game is definitely good for a great laugh!

 Get to work constructing a Fort. Who doesn’t like a good ol’ fashioned blanket fort? We combine the children’s tents with blankets, pillows, and whatever else they can find to build the best fort ever. After construction is over you have to accessorize. Once your fort is complete, be sure to come up with a special password to keep out any unwanted visitors.  

 Get some exercise with an indoor Parade and Dance Party. Think Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Designate your marching route and start the music. I like to use masking tape to make a star in the middle of the floor. Once we get to the star it is time to break out into a song and dance number.

 While you have that tape out, make your own Hopscotch Board. Again, fun and you are getting some exercise too!

 Last but not least, Twister. Learning, fun, and yoga type exercising, there are a lot of reasons to love this classic. Take it up a notch by not only declaring a traditional winner but also who gets the most twisted.

 Bonus: Now this one is my super secret weapon. I always keep a supply of forbidden craft items. In our house it is markers. I have a 3 year old son so you can imagine why I keep them hidden. However, on days when we can’t go anywhere I will bring them out as a special treat. Your secret weapon can be whatever you choose, maybe a crafting kit, bracelet maker, or playdoh. The beauty of this surprise is it has the same effect on them as a new toy!

 I hope I have given you some new ideas or at least reminded you of activities that will help curb the stir crazy in your house. Good luck!

 Do you have any tried and true methods for keeping the peace during a day in? I would love to hear them!