Social Media: The End of Social Graces?

Social MediaAvoid the pitfalls of poor etiquette on social media with these 5 reminders from communication expert Professor Leslie Shore

Don’t respond to a post or comment out of emotion- Take time to process what you have read or seen and allow yourself time to reflect on your thoughts before commenting out of anger or jealousy. You and your ‘friends’ will be grateful you did.

Remember who your ‘friends’ are- Before sharing your pregnancy, engagement, or other news on FB or twitter—think. Your family and friends should hear it from you first. Before you share your party photos, is there someone who will be hurt they weren’t invited?

Keep your personal conversations personal- There is no need to take your private life public. Tweeting your boyfriend you love him or telling your sister how angry you are on FB will only open up dialogue to those who have no need for involvement.

Stay truly connected to those who matter- Don’t wish your family a happy birthday on FB, pick up the phone or make the trip to see them. Instead of sending invites, thank you’s, and holiday cards online, send your loved ones something they can keep forever.

Don’t brag- No one likes a bragasaurus in person, so why would they ‘like’ one on social media. It’s fine to tell folks what you’re doing and share good news, but if it turns into a brag-fest, you will be un-liked, un-linked, and un-followed!

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