Socks That Fight Poverty and Protect Oceans

Where did the summer go?  Can you believe it’s back to school already?  Before you know it, the holidays will be here.  Why not start planning early to relieve holiday stress.    Check out Conscious Socks and fight poverty or protect the oceans with the gift you give.  Order now, ahead of time and have these gems ready for stockings (see how I did that) this holiday season!

socks that fight poverty

What do they do?  They give back with a product we all use.  This is like two gifts in one!

The process is simple and transparent!

  • Conscious socks takes an everyday product we all use and wear
  • They manufacture it responsibly, with a focus on comfort and durability
  • They partner it with the most effective and impactful organization providing solutions to world problems
  • They sell socks that you buy – you get the product – the non-profit gets a donation

Their Story

Every one of us has an ideal: a perfect world, a perfect life – an aspiration for a better tomorrow. Though our attitudes are positive, and our choices are caring we’re limited to what we have control over. At Conscious Step, we strive to build a community through sustainable beliefs and honest collaborations, while simultaneously spreading knowledge for a better tomorrow and a fresher wardrobe.

Here are a few of our FAVORITES:

Socks that protect oceans

ocean socks

Socks that feed kids

socks that feed children