Do Something Special For The People In Your Life

lovepop ferris wheel

I love sending cards.  It all started back in college when my mom started sending cards to me – sometimes one a day, sometimes 2 or 3 a week, it varied, but it always made it fun to go to the mail center.  It also made me feel good and helped the card companies stay in business.  I started sending cards back, funny ones, serious ones, totally random ones and our “card war” began.  We had fun sending cards for my four years in college and I plan on doing it for my daughter for her four years in college.  My love of sending cards still exists today.  I like sending cards for not to popular holidays (at least for the card selling community) and just because.  Unique and unexpected cards are the best and the reactions are priceless.  One of my favorite card companies is LovePop!


Co-fonders Wombi Rose and John Wise became friends at Webb Institute training to become naval architects.  After school, they realized that they could apply the same engineering skills they used in constructing boats to paper art.  They fell in love with making intricate 3D paper sculptures, and developed slicegami to bring them to life as cards.  When they shared the cards with family and friends, the reaction was spectacular, and Lovepop was born.

lovepop ;unicorn

No matter what occasion you need a card for, Lovepop has you covered.  Think about Mom and Grandma for Mother’s Day or  Dad for Father’s Day and wow them with these amazing cards.  Want something your children will remember?  Lovepop has you covered.  How about a pirate ship or a unicorn – it’s there.

You might be wondering, where are the cards made. Vietnam, China, Japan, and Germany all have a very rich history of paper cutting and are home to finest paper craftspeople in the world. Lovepop creates their cards in Boston, Danang, and Shenzhen. John and Wombi founded Lovepop in Boston where they attended graduate school and returned to opened the Lovepop facility in Vietnam where they initially fell in love with this amazing craft. They are growing rapidly and now proudly employee almost 100 of the finest paper craftspeople in the world.