Time for Spring Cleaning – Get Rid of the Streaks

Spring cleaning is in full bloom here at our house and this year it’s double duty as we purge to make a temporary move this winter to Florida for Equine Spring Training Season.  While we are cleaning through everything it also means tackling the built up grime that gets caught here and there.  One of our favorite cleaning products is Invisible Glass and the Invisible Glass Reach and Clean Tool.  Interested in trying them for yourself?  Comment below and tell us your most despised spring cleaning task to be entered into our Spring Cleaning Giveaway. Winner will be drawn May 15th.

Have you ever wondered about the streaks left behind by glass cleaners?

Cleaning Tips: The Science behind Streaky Windows

A few days of warmer weather may have you ready to open the windows, but a winter’s worth of dirt and grime may have you ready to close the curtains instead. 80% of people cleaning their windows each spring, but it’s no secret that the chore is a major pane. Drop the coffee filters, squeegees, and soapy cleaners. The secret to streak free windows starts with what’s hiding in your glass cleaner.

Science behind the Streak

Invisible Glass® has partnered with the glass science experts of Advanced Materials Research, Inc. to reveal that it’s not about how you clean but rather what you’re cleaning with.

Common glass cleaners contain streaky soaps, scents, dyes, and other additives that leave residues on glass surfaces. These residues cling to glass forming streaks while also attracting more dust and grime to the surface.

Test Results

The test analyzed the microscopic compounds found in each formulation of the top glass cleaning brands including Invisible Glass®. These microscopic images show the additives in common cleaners compared to Invisible Glass®. These additives leave residues on glass that form streaks.


Stop Cleaning Up After Your Glass Cleaner

Invisible Glass® was the only glass cleaner tested to be proven 100% residue free. The Clear Dry Formula is free from soaps, scents, dyes, and other additives so it dries completely after cleaning leaving nothing behind – no streaks!

Invisible Glass is available at Wal-Mart and Walmart.com. For more information on the test and for cleaning tips, visit www.ClearDry.com.