Stocking Stuffers: Posh Large Print Logic Puzzles

large print logicTake your eyes off the screen, and train your brain without eye strain!

One hundred large print logic puzzles present hours of puzzle-solving fun and relaxation.  The majority of puzzles in this collection are story logic puzzles, which are the most popular kind, with number logic puzzles rounding out the mix.  A detailed solution section is included.

We think this is a great book to have around the house for the kids and adults alike.  With the larger print, grandma and grandpa might even pick it up.  This is also a fun family activity to do as a team, working with younger children that might not be able to do the puzzles by themselves.

Have someone that will be travelling, put this in their stocking with a nice mechanical pencil – unless you dare to do the puzzles in pen!
large print logic interior