Storybooks with a Life Lesson In the Story

Books are meant to be enjoyed.  Books tell us a story.  What if a book also taught us a lesson?  These amazing children’s books do just that.  They teach us about friendship and bullies, the harm of rumors and empower us to be and do great things.  These books are great for starting the conversations we all need to be having with our children.

Bug Off Big BullyBug Off Big Bully

A Little book with a Big Message… Peter had the weight of the world on his shoulders when his family moved to a new town. Things were even heavier when the school bully came calling. Yet the ugliest BUG inched onto the scene, and life would never be the same. Kids will love sharing the trials and triumphs of Peter! Easy reader chapter book. 44 pages For ages 7-10

We Are Brothers We Are FriendsWe Are Brothers, We Are Friends

Being a big brother is a BIG job.
There’s lots to show your little brother . . .
Trains . . .
Planes . . .
How to be a dinosaur.

There are games to play and adventures to be had. And if trouble comes, it’s big brother to the rescue because there’s no better friend than a brother.

Great Things to BeGreat Things to Be

Your Guide to Building Positive Traits and Encouraging Great Behavior at School and at Home!

Great Things to Be, Mom’s Choice Award Recipient and Purple Dragonfly Award Recipient for School Issues may not be your typical children’s book, but it should definitely be on the top of parents’ and teachers’ reading lists for their kids.

And don’t worry: the fun, rhyming declarations and vivid, colorful, full-page illustrations will keep children coming back to the book again and again.

The lessons are simple—be kind, be honest, be confident—but the results are immeasurable. You may even find yourself pausing over a few you’ve forgotten over the years—be healthy, be brave, be yourself!

Get back to the basics with these positive lessons, and let Great Things to Be help you shape the leaders of tomorrow by affirming and developing these twelve important character traits in your child.

The book is a great choice for all those helping teach children: parents, teachers, librarians, and more. You’ll love how quickly kids choose kindness over bullying and confidence over self-doubt as they embrace these easy-to-understand concepts.

Don’t be surprised if your own outlook on life improves, too!


After Sam tells Roger his secret about Petunia, Roger shares it with a few friends, and those friends tell more friends until there are many rumors flying around the playground. By the time the rumors reach Petunia, they are nothing like the original. The story gets even wackier when Petunia’s angry words get twisted in the opposite direction.

About the Author

Janice Brown lives in Southern California with her two sons, two cats, and one husband. She does her best to avoid repeating rumors. When not writing, Janice volunteers helping several nonprofits and has worked as an anti-bias trainer for teachers and students. Janice likes to travel, snorkel, and spend time with family and friends. White chocolate is Janice’s flavorite.